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Information on Luaus on Kauai

Information on Luaus on Kauai

The traditional Hawaiian luau can only be found in Hawaii and thus your visit to Kauai would be incomplete without attending at least one Hawaiian feast. There are a number of Hawaiian luaus on Kauai and they all include luau food, hula dancing the fire dance and other aspects popularized most recently in the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch.

Kauai luaus are essentially a giant feast which includes Hawaiian entertainment such as the hula dancing and a considerable amount of socialization in the tradition of the "aloha spirit".

THE FOOD: No Hawaiian feast is complete without luau food and the sharing of the "gift of food" is an integral part of every Hawaiian luau on Kauai. The main ingredient in any of the luaus is what is referred to as the "Kalua Pork" or pig. Preparations for the cooking of the pig are begun early in the morning of the day of your Kauai luau. A large pit is dug in the sand, which is called the "imu". Dry, Kiawe hardwood (known in North America as Mesquite) is placed into the pit with many rounded river rocks assembled on top. The wood is lit on fire and after a couple of hours all that is left on the bottom are hot coals and incredibly hot rocks which will maintain the heat for hours to come. The rocks are then evened out on the bottom of the pit and juicy fresh cut banana stalks are placed on top followed by banana leaves to provide a bed to place the pig upon. The pig is then place in the pit and covered with more banana leaves and ti leaves and usually a gunnysack to keep the heat in. A tarp of some kind is then placed over the whole affair and then the pit is covered with beach sand. The rocks heat the juicy banana stalks causing a steam or pressure cooker effect in the imu and after about 6 to 8 hours the pig is unveiled. The intense steam has cooked the meat to the extent that it just falls away from the bone and the moisture from the banana stalks has kept the meat moist and delicious.

Other delicacies which are usually provided at Kauai luaus are chicken long rice, lomi lomi salmon, haupia (coconut desert), poi (very nutritious), veggies, salad, steaks, roasted chicken, fresh fish, rice, lots of specialty items, deserts and much more. An open bar is also usually provided on most Kauai luaus which includes Mai Tai's and other adult beverages. The children are provided with lots to drink as well. Although you will probably find a number of the items on your plate at your Hawaiian feast that are unusual to say the least, you can rest assured that there will still be plenty of luau food available that has some semblance of what you are familiar with.

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