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Information on Eco Adventures - Outfitters Kauai

Information on Eco Adventures - Outfitters Kauai

The Zipline is designed, built and operated according to the highest safety standards as set by the ACCT (the Association for Challenge Course Technology). The setting is magnificent: a 1/4 mile foot trail through the jungle leads to a steep valley at the confluence of two streams with a 150 foot waterfall tumbling over fern covered black basalt boulders on one side and a lazy 80 foot wide tropical stream on the other.

The steep terrain allows for a ground level launching platform that wraps a huge Banyan tree with a 30 ft diameter trunk. Participants (Zippers) are outfitted with mountain climbing harnesses and helmets and walk through a labyrinth of aerial Banyan roots to arrive at the gated take-off area.

A protocol is followed in which the Outfitters Kauai Guide runs through an equipment checklist and attaches a tether from the Zippers' harness to a two-wheeled trolley that rides on the zip cable. The gate opens, the Zipper takes a giant step and zooooom: you are sailing 50 ft above ground, over rivers and waterfalls and through the treetops at a speed of 35 mph.

Working your way back to the starting point is half the fun! You'll cross streams and waterfalls on a foot trail that leads to a Swiss Family Robinson style system of aerial platforms and stairs that take you back to the launching pad to do it again.

Minimum 6 passengers Maximum 13 passengers.

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