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Best Maui Ziplines

It used to be that soaring through the tree tops of Maui was strictly for the birds.
Now, thanks to the many zipline tour companies on the island, you too can fly through the forests and valleys of Maui. Here are some of the best zipline companies on Maui.

Skyline Eco-Adventures: Haleakala

Website: www.zipline.com
Number of lines:  5
Length of lines: 120 feet to 750 feet
Maximum height: 150 feet
Best for:  First-timers or those wanting a quick fix. It only takes about 90-minutes to complete the course
Known for:  Being the first zipline course built in the U.S. in 2002

Pi’iholo Ranch Zipline

Website: www.piiholozipline.com
Number of lines:  5
Length of lines: 480 feet to 2,800 feet
Maximum height: 600 feet
Best for:  People who don’t want long walks between the lines.
Known for:  Magnificent upcountry Maui and Haleakala views; tied for the second longest zipline in Hawaii

Skyline Eco-Adventures: Kaanapali

Website: www.zipline.com
Number of lines:  8
Length of lines: 350 feet to 1,100 feet
Maximum height: 150 feet
Best for:  Adventurous zipliners who haven’t done a course using a rock-climbing harness
Known for:  Best zipline views of the West Maui Mountains leeward valleys. On the last tour of the day, stunning sunset views of Molokai and Lanai.

Kapalua Adventures

Website: www.kapalua.com/adventures
Number of lines:  8
Length of lines: 500 feet to 2,300 feet
Maximum height: 300 feet
Best for:  Those who want to combine a guided nature hike with ziplining. The upper course requires some forest hiking to get from line to line.

Flyin’ Hawaiian Zipline

Website: www.flyinhawaiianzipline.com
Number of lines:  8
Length of lines: 250 feet to 3,200 feet
Maximum height: 500 feet
Best for:  Zipline junkies looking for the longest lines on the island
Known for:  The longest zipline in Hawaii and the third longest in the world. Spanning two-thirds of a mile- including three ridge lines and two valleys- the final line takes more than a minute to zip through at speeds of up to 60 mph.

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