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Value in Hawaii

We’ve all heard the news: gases prices are up, the economy is down.  But scrap this year’s vacation to Hawaii and instead make it a quick visit to the in-laws and dinner at Denny’s?  Despite the economic news flooding the airwaves, Hawaii is as busy as ever and remains one of the world’s best vacation spots.

But how do you stretch your dollar to make this year’s Hawaii vacation as exciting as possible?  Read on to discover how to get the best value out of your Hawaii Vacation.

Travel in the off season

Many people are under the impression that the summer is Hawaii’s slow season, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  The summer months (early June through late August) and the winter months (late December through mid-April) are considered Hawaii’s “peak season”, so traveling during non-peak times will save you money on accommodations (lower nightly rates and more promotions) and airfare (not as many people travel during the off season, so air rates stay lower for a longer amount of time).  Also, flying Monday-Thursday will save you a bundle on airfare as well as these are the cheapest days to fly.

Know where the deals are

Does your schedule keep you from traveling during the off season?  You can still find great deals if you know where to look.  This is why working with an experienced, Hawaii-only travel company (like Great Hawaii Vacations) is so important:  we know where the deals are and how to get them.  For example, the Wyland Waikiki just opened less than a year ago.  This is a stunning four-star hotel, yet because they just opened and are trying to attract business they are offering some amazing promotions such as significantly reduced rates combined with every third night free, a free room upgrade and daily breakfast as well.  But your average traveler wouldn’t even know about this kind of hidden gem, so consult the professionals and let us find these deals for you.

You'll see plenty of ocean while you're in Hawaii

Sure, having a grand, panoramic view of the ocean from your balcony while you’re sipping coffee in the morning sounds amazing.  But if you can save several hundred (and in some cases, thousands) of dollars by trading that ocean view for a view of the hotel’s well-landscaped grounds it may very well be worth it.  Most visitors to Hawaii don’t spend all that much time in their room during the daylight hours anyway (when the view is most appreciated), so if the options come down to downgrading your view or not vacationing in paradise the choice is pretty simple.  Besides, you’ll see plenty of ocean while you’re in Hawaii.  That’s a promise.

Every meal doesn't have to be gourmet

I’m sure you’ve heard it too: eating in Hawaii is expensive.  Well, that’s true- if you eat at expensive restaurants all day every day.  The truth is Hawaii has its fair share of fast food and small, hole in the wall restaurants with great local flavor that dinner for two for a five night stay doesn’t have to cost more than your airfare.  And the best part of Hawaii is that the local fast food (like Maui Tacos) is actually incredibly good and comes with a side of authentic Hawaiian culture. 

Activities don't have to cost an arm and a leg

There are plenty of free, or nearly free, activities on each and every island.  Usually they only cost the price of gas (like the Road to Hana on Maui) or a small fee (like the $10 entry fee to the Volcano National Park on the Big Island).  Again, speaking with the Hawaii travel professionals at Great Hawaii Vacations and contacting the Great Hawaii Vacations Activities Desk will give you great insight on activities of all types, and the best ones to do for free.

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