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More Hawaii for Less

Now is a great time to vacation in Hawaii.

With the economic downturn facing our country you might be asking why. This is because it has finally reached across the Pacific Ocean and hit the state of Hawaii’s tourism industry. According to Hospitality Advisors LLC hotel occupancy was down to 63 percent in September, the lowest point since 2001.

John Monahan, the president and CEO of the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau recently told USA Today, “These are very tough times for leisure tourism, particularly to resort destinations. We’re going to be in for a rough ride.”  This is good news for travelers.

But seats on that “rough ride” are reserved for the hotels, condominiums and others involved in Hawaii’s shrinking tourism industry. For the average consumer opportunity is knocking. In a recent interview with The New York Times Monahan said, “We’re starting to see the market react, and there is tremendous value out there.”

So where is all of this tremendous value?  It’s all in knowing where to look.  That’s why working with a company that specializes in Hawaii travel, like Great Hawaii Vacations, is so important.  We’re able to keep you updated on the best travel deals in Hawaii.  For example, the Hyatt Regency Maui has recently released a promotion where travelers will get every 3rd night free, free daily breakfast and a free room upgrade.  These kinds of deals were seldom seen before but are now showing up all over the place.  Even traditionally conservative properties are offering new deals, like the exclusive Kaanapali Alii on Maui which has lowered their rates and are now offering every 4th night free.

These amazing deals aren’t limited to just accommodations, either. Airfare has started coming down and while the ultra-low fares of a couple years ago may be a thing of history there are still deals to be had. One of our partners recently informed us that they will be offering 2-for-1 and “kids fly free” deals from cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. Also, not too long ago we were able to find flights from Seattle in the $300 range.  It can be a little harder to find great airfares than it is to find great hotel rates, but with some patience and flexibility great ticket prices can still be found.

Last year was a tough year for many of us, no doubt about it.  But with the future of the economy looking bright, and many deals to be found, it’s finally time to take that Hawaii vacation you’ve been dreaming of.

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