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Introducing Mega Deals

Great Hawaii Vacations always comes up with ways to save you money and provide you with exceptional service.  Now, we are proud to introduce our new Mega Deals!

Each and every property on our website (over 200!) has several Mega Deals which can be applied to save you money and provide extra services.  Some Mega Deals, such as free nights, free breakfast, dining credits, etc. are specific to each property while some are available on every property.  The picture below provides just one example of the Mega Deals available throughout the different properties, so be sure to check the property you’re interested in for more details.

Below are the Mega Deals which can be combined with any of our properties in Hawaii.

Free Concierge Service

Looking for the name of a good Italian restaurant?  Need to set up a tee time at the golf course?  With our new concierge service reservations and local information are a simple phone call away.

Activity Discount Club Membership

As another added value from Great Hawaii Vacations, we’ve included a free membership in Hawaii’s premiere activities discount club, for which a $250 membership fee normally applies.  With your platinum membership in the Activity Discount Club, you have access to all of the activities on every island in Hawaii through the Great Hawaii Vacations Activities Desk. Here, you’ll find even more discounts off of already low activity rates!

Airline Seating Assistance

We’ll be more than happy to work on your airline seating requests for the flights you book with Great Hawaii Vacations, even if you booked your flights on your own.  Simply provide us with your itinerary and e-ticket numbers and our Guest Services Department will be more than happy to work with the airline on your behalf to get you the best seats possible.

24/7 Customer Support

Great Hawaii Vacations will do everything possible to make sure you have an easy, trouble free vacation.  But, should a problem arise while you’re vacationing on the islands rest assured knowing that you can always get in contact with our Guest Services Manager 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Simply let us know the situation and we will work the hotel, airline or car rental agency on your behalf so you can go out and enjoy your time in paradise.  Let us handle the issues.  You’re on vacation!

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