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 Volume 5 No.4 Fall 2009 866.574.1909 

Top Budget Beachfront Properties | Contest | Good Libations | Hawaii FAQs

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Great Hawaii Vacations’ quarterly online newsletter gives you an in-depth look at Hawaii’s best activities and areas of interest, as well as traveler tips and a chance to win a free vacation!

Each issue we pick:

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  • FAQ's

- In This Issue -


Get 5 Nights Free at the Wailea Ekahi

This issue Great Hawaii Vacations has teamed up with the beautiful beachfront Wailea Ekahi Village on the beautiful island of Maui to give you five free nights in a one-bedroom oceanview condo!  - Read More

Contest Ended

Top Budget Beachfront Properties

Staying on the beach in Hawaii used to cost a fortune. But now, thanks to a sagging economy, it’s more affordable than ever. But where is the best value among the beachfront properties?  - Read More

Good Libations

Nothing says Hawaii like relaxing poolside with a cold tropical drink, whether alcoholic or not.  Although most of us aren’t on a year-round vacation it doesn’t mean we can’t relax at home with the same libations you enjoy on your tropical getaway.  This issue we’re giving recipes for some of the most popular tropical drinks you’ll come across in Hawaii. Now you can take more than just your tan back home from paradise.. - Read More

Hawaii FAQ's

When you’ve been in this business for 14 years, you begin to notice some questions about Hawaii—and about travel in general—get asked more than others. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning cruises in Hawaii. - Read More

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