More Island Information on Molokai

General Facts:

Size: 260 Square Miles
Length: 38 Miles
Width: 10 Miles
Coastline: 88 Miles
Population: 7,404
Main Airport: Molokai Airport (MKK)

Drive Time From Molokai Airport To:

Halawa Valley: 2 hrs.
Kaunakakai: 15 min.
Maunaloa: 20 min.


Molokai's western half is dry and arid, with average temperatures much like the rest of the islands (60 to 80 degree highs year-round). The eastern half is much the same in terms of temperature, but receives more rainfall.

Brief History:

Molokai is often referred to as The Most Hawaiian Island because of the percentage of the population (40%) that is native Hawaiian. It was once known as a religious hub to the islands, and as such was protected from many of the battles between Chieftains that wracked the islands from time to time. Its current population is estimated at 8,000, and its main industry is cattle farming. Massive resorts are non-existent; this is one place you can go to see the genuine, untouched Hawaii.

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