More Island Information on Lanai

General Facts:

Size: 141 Square Miles
Length: 18 Miles
Width: 13 Miles
Coastline: 47 Miles
Population: 3,193
Main Airport: Lanai Airport (LNY)

Mileage and Drive Time From Lanai Airport To:

Hulopoe & Manele Bays: 11 miles. 25 min.
Lanai City: 3 miles. 5 min.
Kaiolohia: 17 miles. 35 min.


In Lanai City, the climate is mild and dry, with temperatures averaging 73 degrees in the summer and 66 degrees in the winter and rainfall averaging less than 40" per year. Along the coast, the temperatures are much the same but rainfall averages only 15" per year.

Brief History:

Lanai was first sighted by westerners on February 25th, 1779, from the deck of the HMS resolution. The island was purchased in 1922 by the president of Dole Food Company and turned into the world's largest pineapple plantation. Today Lanai is sparsely populated but is home to two world-class golf courses and two world-class resorts. It is often called, "Hawaii's most exclusive island."

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