Fun Activities on Molokai

Good things come in small packages. While Molokai may be one of the smaller islands, there are some pretty incredible activities to keep you busy. Try the world-famous Molokai Mule Ride or take a plane across the island's majestic cliffs. Molokai definitely offers high adventure.

Paragon Air

Activity Type :  Air

Molokai's north shore coastline shows off its cliffside waterfalls as you soar past. A small landing strip puts within easy access to the Kalaupapa leper colony. Catch your flight from Maui or Molokai's local airport.

Molokai Mule Ride

Activity Type :  Land

Celebrated on bumper stickers, this world-famous mule ride descends from Molokai's central plateau to the historic leper colony at Kalaupapa. Switchback trails afford grand views of the coastline below. Take a bus tour of the colony before heading back to the top.

Molokai Outdoors

Activity Type :  Land

You'll have a variety of mountain bike and kayak tours to choose from to experience the fantastic wonders of Molokai. Rainforests, plains, sparkling beaches and verdant valleys will all entice you. Which will you choose first?

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