Fun Activities on Lanai

Even though it's the smallest island of the Big 6, Lanai has a surprisingly good variety of activities. Everything from hiking to snorkeling, rafting adventures to catamaran tours, can be found on Lanai.

Captain Steve's Rafting Adventures

Activity Type :  Water

Captain Steve's Rafting Adventures on the island of Lanai

Based on Maui, this rafting company makes daily excursions to the coast of Lanai. Sightings of dolphins, manta rays, sea turtles and whales in season are just part of what you can experience.

Ferry Expeditions

Activity Type :  Water

How do you get from Maui to Lanai and back again? The only company licensed to ferry visitors between these islands makes 4 round trips daily so you can enjoy the scenery and two world-class golf courses as often as you like.

Trilogy Sailing Catamaran Tours

Activity Type :  Water

These catamarans actually land on the island to allow visitors access to beaches, play volleyball, sunbathe and enjoy prime snorkeling experiences. A related van tour is available to take to you the old plantation town of Lanai City at the top of the island.

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